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Do you know that you have a destiny? It’s true. Just read Psalms 139:15. The Bible says that God wrote out every single day of your life in a book before you were even born. That book is kept in heaven. It’s your book of Destiny!

The Destiny Book - eBook

SKU: 978-1-953229-35-9e
  • The Destiny Book, by BJ Jenkins, is a fun children’s rhyming book about the plan God has designed for every person’s life, their destiny. Is there really a book in heaven about each one of us? The Bible says there is, and one day, He will open it up and see if you accomplished what He had planned for your life. This book teaches everyone that God does have a special plan for each of our lives and that He has already given us the talents and abilities to accomplish it. Can we find out what is written in our book so we know what we should do next? There is one special way you can take a peek. Come read and find out!

    8.5x8.5 PDF/eBook       

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