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The trumpet is blowing in Zion, and it’s sounding an alarm. God is looking for some champions to join the Army of God and prepare the way for the return of the Lord. God’s army has fought for ages and has never lost a war. Now, He is looking for some champions just like He had before. The Bible calls you a chosen generation, a very special group of young, anointed ones, that will soon become the new Champions of God. 

Calling God's Champions - Introducing the Armor of God

SKU: 978-1-953229-37-3
  • Calling God’s Champions, by BJ Jenkins, is a fun children’s rhyming book that teaches everyone what the Bible has to say about a chosen generation of anointed children and youth that will soon become Champions in the Army of God. How can little children become victorious Champions in a battle of good vs evil? Fall in, Soldiers, and learn all about the special ARMOR of GOD available to everyone who chooses to enlist! 

    8.5x8.5 Hardback          

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