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In these last days, God wants to take ordinary people, including children, and work supernaturally through them with the Powers of the Age to Come. God is rising up an army to fight for Him in these last days, and it’s NOT like any army ever seen before. 

The Powers of the Age to Come

SKU: 978-1-953229-39-7
  • The Powers of the Age to Come, by BJ Jenkins, is a fun children’s rhyming book about some very special plans God has for His children, young and old, in these last days. Jesus is coming very soon, and He is choosing and preparing the children and the youth on this earth to stand and fight with Him and usher in His return. He has promised to equip them with a VERY special anointing called “The Powers of the Age to Come.” This book will reveal those special powers God has promised, and if you know your Bible history, you will find them a bit familiar.

    8.5x8.5 Hardback          

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